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What We Do

MRKH Stars is a charity dedicated to providing support and resources to those with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKH). We recognise that each individual’s experience is unique and aim to provide tailored support to each person we work with.

We offer a range of services, from advice and support schemes to workshops and events. We are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for our members and we strive to ensure that everyone who reaches out to us feels respected and heard.

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Shooting Stars

Through this scheme, one of our Co-Directors will match you with one of our team of dedicated buddies, who can be a friend to you on this journey, answer your questions and help you navigate your MRKH journey. Head to our Shooting Stars Page to learn more about the scheme, and fill in our form if you would like to be matched with a buddy. 


An extension of our Shooting Stars scheme is our Meteors scheme. Also a buddy scheme, Meteors was created to support advocates on their journey with MRKH. Every new team member joining us will be assigned a Meteor buddy, making sure they feel supported as an advocate. It's a tough step, but with the right support in place, advocacy can be a great experience. 

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MRKH Stars have merch! Having some jewellery to wear or a key ring to remind you of your strength and worth is something we find to be so important. Sometimes those little reminders of the community around you are just enough to get you through the bad days, and are a huge part of why we have our own products. Head to our merch page to see the products we have on offer, all of the proceeds we make from this go towards supporting young people with MRKH. 


From social calls to webinars, we aim to offer a diverse range of events throughout the year to equip you with the tools and community you need to navigate a life with MRKH. No matter where in the world you are we will do our best to reach you, contact us if you would like details of our events and current plans. 

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Bright Stars

Our Bright Stars scheme centers around the knowledge and understanding of MRKH. This is co-ordinated by Lily, one of our senior team members and trustees, she shares myth busters, misconceptions and facts about MRKH in a confidential space on our social media, whilst also answering your questions as best she can. It's important to remember that we are a peer support network not medical professionals, but by sharing the information that we have access to, we hope to provide guidance especially when faced with lots of medical jargon. 

Friends of MRKH Stars

Support someone with MRKH? We've got you! We have a team of parents, family and friends who support people with MRKH, and they have lots of resources to share with you. Head to our Friends of MRKH Stars page to learn more. 

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