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November, 2021

One half of MRKH Stars powerhouse duo Tk was featured in a news article talking all things MRKH Syndrome. 
She discusses the physical aspects of the condition, embarking on her dilation journey, as well as what it was like for her mentally and how she found her "second family" in joining the Stars team. 
Find her article in The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror to have a read of her story, or on the MRKH Connect site. She has done amazing work as an advocate and is an amazing example to us all, we are so proud of you, Tk! 
Talking to the media about our condition can be met with hate, backlash and lots of complicated emotions, Tk has been so brave in sharing her story. Remember- we do not deserve to receive hate, and we are enough just as we are. 
(artistic license was used within these articles)

NEWS 1 Tk in the news: News
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