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Hi! I’m Crystal, I’m on the Shooting Stars and Writing teams. I was officially diagnosed with MRKH in June 2021. My journey started in July 2021, the first couple of weeks were mentally and physically draining. I felt overwhelmed with emotions and so alone however I had this constant need to hide my emotions and pretend it was not real. I didn’t want to live this reality or have people constantly hovering over me asking me if I was okay when I was not, I was drowning inside. Eventually through this beautiful process of growth and acceptance, I am now able to embrace all these emotions and struggles. Every day is completely different for me, new emotions, new struggles, new challenges, it is not easy but it is so worth it! I have changed in so many unimaginable ways. I LOVE who I am now, I am PROUD of who I am now and I cannot wait to further this scary yet exhilarating journey of MRKH.



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Hey! My name is Mallory! I go to school in Texas, United States and I am turning 21 in May. I was diagnosed around 15 or 16 years of age. It is a huge blur. I was horrified. I forced myself to believe that it was not real and that it was not actually happening. I told noone and would add comments to the constant girlie conversations about periods, sex, and future kids with my peers. I forced it further and further down until my freshman year of college when I was finally ready to tell my boyfriend that I had been dating for 1 year about my condition. I finally accepted that it was happening, but it did not define me. My condition was not my identity as I feared it would be. I told more and more people about it, and each time I told someone it made me truly accept it. The more people i told the more people i had around me to support and help me through it. I am not fully healed by the pain that comes along with MRKH but I have taken hold of what I have been given and I am ready to help the next girls that were in my shoes.



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My name is Alissa I’m 24 years old, I babysit my nephew as a job and I have MRKH. I was diagnosed with mrkh when I was 18 years old, I don’t remember what month it was . And when I was diagnosed I felt sad because I couldn’t have any kids at all . I want to meet more people with this and meet people in person. I will bring love & positivity into this group!



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Hey guys, my name is Jamie. I am 23 years old, and found out about my MRKH when I was 16. I have only just joined this group and already have had support from them! When I had found out about my MRKH I did not want to accept it and still find it hard to accept it till this day. I haven’t done much about my diagnosis, but with the support from this group I am wanting to share the beginning of my journey and hopefully be supportive to others!



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Hi! I’m Sharli! I’m 20, and I am from Alberta, Canada. I was diagnosed with MRKH when I was 14. At a young age like 14, you don’t really realise the full extent of the diagnosis. I am still very private about my diagnosis, that is something I am working on! I have an amazing support system, my mom and my sister are my biggest supporters. Away from my diagnosis, I am in college to become a veterinary assistant, I have always found great comfort in animals, especially on difficult days. I can’t wit to use my voice to help other MRKHers who may be struggling with their diagnosis, need someone to talk to, or just need a friend!!



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Hello! I'm Sofie, and I'm part of the writing team. I was diagnosed with MRKH almost 5 years ago. Over the years I would always mention that I hadn't gotten my period yet, whenever I went to the doctors for something else. I wasn't taken seriously until right before I turned 18. Finally I had a new doctor who took me seriously and finally I had a diagnosis. Finding out was devastating, but I was also happy to finally know what was going on.This condition has brought a rollercoaster of emotions. I have felt so much grief, but I have grown as a person and made new friends because of it. Us MRKHers have a natural bond, I would love to be able to help someone. I'd love to answer questions and chat. MRKH related or not, good or bad, I'm here for you.I know firsthand that it can help a lot to meet someone who understands what you are going through and not have to explain yourself or any terms. I hope I can be that person for others.

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