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Welcome to Meteors! Our advocacy support initiative for those who are wanting to step into the world of MRKH advocacy. This scheme is split into three sections, with three buddy systems all running parallel to one another, together all ensuring that you are as supported as you can be on your advocacy journey. Check out our three sections below...

About Meteors

Starting a journey as an advocate is difficult, no matter what age or stage of your MRKH story someone is currently at. We want to support MRKHers on their journey as advocates, which is why we are working on our new advocacy buddy initiative, known as Meteors.

Meteors are synonyms of Shooting Stars, our original Buddy Scheme. This extension of the Buddy Scheme (for team members only as opposed to general community support) will be run together by Vics, Tk, Lily and Laura, each with different roles within the team.


Check out our three aspects of the scheme below...

Our Meteor Teams!

If you are interested in joining us here at Stars, we can help you to get set up and settled. We have lots of ways of monitoring and supporting you so you can be sure that advocacy is right for you. From taster blogs to a Well-Being and Educational screening process, we are committed to supporting you on your journey, and our team are willing and ready to walk this path with you. 

To enquire more about

Educational Buddies

Meteor Buddies

Wellbeing Buddies

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