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December, 2021

After months of creating a working partnership, lots of FaceTimes, laughs, tears and drinks, Vics and Tk finally got to be together!

Running MRKH Stars isn't easy, and it can test even the strongest friendships, let alone one that's in its infancy like this one, but actually, this work together set the foundations for a super strong friendship!

Vics and Tk are partners in crime, and run this foundation together. MRKH Warriors are fierce friends to one another, it's a unique bond like no other - and these two are an example of that.

If you are looking for a friend to support you on your MRKH journey, sign yourself up to our Shooting Stars team and maybe one day you'll have a friendship like Tk and Vics do! They met through their MRKH diagnosis, you can find your person too <3

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