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January, 2023

Hey! It’s 2023! We hope you had a fab New Year Celebration, here’s a little reintroduction of us here at Stars, and of Co-Directors Vics and Tk!


MRKH Stars was founded in April 2021 by Vics, she’s now in her final year of Uni studying English, and starts her teacher training in August of this year! In May 2021, Tk joined the team as an Ambassador for MRKH Stars, no one knew it then but this would quickly change Stars as we knew it! She began chipping in more and pitching ideas, creating posts and running challenges, and now she’s the Co-Chair and Co-Director with Vics 🤍


Tk works in a nursery and is also studying too, so we have two very busy Co-Directors at the moment! When we had our first FaceTime call in July it somehow sparked an incredible connection, and we very quickly became inseparable and a dream team you don’t want to mess with 


Tk became the Second Star of the foundation and Co-Director in October 2021, since then it’s been a rollercoaster of growth. Now with a trustee team behind us, so many incredible advocates volunteering with us, and exciting projects (and merch!) constantly running, Stars is something we have become so proud of.


Our friendship is growing, and we are facing so many battles in our personal lives and journeys too, we don’t share a lot of those online because they aren’t things we feel ready to share and post about, but we continuously strive to make sure Stars is always running, and can be the platform that’s needed for young and newly Diagnosed MRKH warriors, even when one of us can’t be around.


One of the ways we support people living with MRKH is through our Shooting Stars Buddy Scheme! To get an MRKH buddy all you need to do is send us a 

 emoji and we will know what you need! We will then assign you to a member of our dedicated Shooting Stars team who will be there to answer any questions you have and support you on your MRKH journey.


Vics and Tk are both always just a message away, we are dedicated to supporting you and your family on your journey with MRKH.


Remember, Stars don’t shine without darkness 

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