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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Hi, I’m Emma and I am Vics’ best friend. I went with Vics to her first doctors appointment back in 2019 and remained by her side for all the highs and lows of her MRKH journey. I had never heard of MRKH before Vics told me about her diagnosis, so I didn’t really know how best to support her through the initial shock of her diagnosis. I was away at college at the time when Vics found out about MRKH and so she ended up telling me in a message, which I’m pleased she did as I may not have been home for weeks and I wouldn’t have wanted her to have waited that long to tell me. At first, I was confused because I didn’t know what MRKH was or what it meant for Vics. Being away at college meant I could then look up MRKH in order to better understand what Vics’ diagnosis meant and by the time I came home I had a slight understanding of MRKH so I could talk to Vics more about how she was coping with the diagnosis than what MRKH actually was.

Since then, Vics and I have only become closer friends, I have accompanied her to the hospital for each of her appointments and sat with her on late night zoom calls when she was struggling. It has been a difficult journey for her, but I am so proud of how far she has come and what she has achieved, including establishing MRKH Stars. Her determination to create a support network of young women each with their own experiences and each at different points of their individual journeys, is inspiring and I am so pleased I could be a part of it.

Having been on this journey with Vics since her very first appointment, joining the MRKH Stars team felt like a natural next step. I have enjoyed watching her organisation grow and help expand the MRKH community and raise awareness, so no young woman has to go through diagnosis and treatment alone with the support of the Shooting Stars scheme and the Friends of MRKH Stars. I look forward to continuing to develop the MRKH Stars website so it is more accessible for young MRKHers to get as much support as they need. I am also excited to boost the Friends of MRKH system so the friends and family of MRKHers can help each other support their loved ones on their journey.

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