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Welcome to MRKH Stars

Supporter. Advocate. Friend

MRKH Stars is run together by Co-Directors Vics and Tk and provides support to young and newly diagnosed people living with MRKH Syndrome. We have a unique approach providing tailor-made support and resources created by young people for young people!

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MRKH Stars was founded for all those young and newly diagnosed MRKH warriors out there...

We know that a diagnosis of MRKH is SUPER tough, but we've got you! As a foundation run by young people for young people,  we have a variety of support systems available to you and your supporters. From a buddy scheme to our own line of merch, we aim to have something to cater for everyone. Explore our website to learn more about what we do. 

Our team is always growing and if you feel you would like to support young people living with MRKH, let us know! There are lots of ways for you to get involved if you are an MRKHer yourself or if you support someone living with the condition. Contact us to discuss your options or have a chat. Remember it’s your journey, but you don’t have to face it alone.

-Vics and Tk

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Meet the Co-Directors

Supporting young people with MRKH since 2021...

MRKH Stars is run by Co-Directors Vics Lane and Tk Kennedy. They are 21 and 22 years old, both have MRKH, and have become best-friends on this journey since connecting through advocacy and started managing Stars together. Over the years they have created a team of now over 50 advocates who volunteer their time at the foundation.


Here at MRKH Stars, we offer support in a number of ways! Our site and social media platforms will keep you informed with upcoming events and ways to connect with the MRKH community and support network.

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Every MRKH story is unique and personal, but our voices deserve to be heard, and should not be silenced because of taboos or stigmas. We hope that by giving MRKHers the chance to have a voice and share their story, readers feel less alone, because MRKH should not be tackled alone, and our stories show that you are not alone, ever.

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The newly diagnosed phase of MRKH is arguably one of the most integral. It's new, it's isolating and it's unbelievably painful. With that in mind, MRKH Stars runs a Shooting Stars scheme whereby one of our team, who has been equipped with skills in order to help you to navigate this stage of life, can be a friend and a part of your support network. To be matched with a Shooting Star, get in touch with us and we can arrange it!



Co-Director Tk runs all of the merch at MRKH Stars. From products designed to support you with dilator treatment to custom jewellery, she has done it all! Head to our merch page to view what we have on offer...

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