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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

When I was 16 I went to the doctors because I still hadn’t started my period and was told I was a late bloomer and sent on my way. I went back when I was 17 and said I still haven’t started, and they suggested that maybe I had PCOS so they sent me for a blood test. The blood test came back normal so they sent me for a Ultrasound. After about 30 minutes of lying there, the doctor said: “Maybe you just don’t have a womb.” I was absolutely shocked. I just kept thinking you can’t be born without a womb. As soon as I got home I googled it and came across MRKH. The more I looked into MRKH the more everything made sense about my body. I also found out then about MRKH’s effect on fertility. The next week I was booked in for an emergency Ultrasound because this time he wanted to have a good search for my womb. He still found nothing, so that afternoon I had to go back to my GP, who sent me to see a private gynaecologist 4 months later, who internally examined me and suggested I had MRKH. That afternoon I cried non-stop because there was actually a possibility of me not being able to get pregnant and carry my child. The next week I had an MRI scan which wasn’t fun. A week later they diagnosed me with MRKH and I couldn’t even cry as I was so in shock. That day it felt like I was starting a “new life”.

I had a lot of thoughts and feelings towards MRKH - it was such a roller coaster and still is today to be honest. Some days were good, others were bad and really low. I had times where I struggled to see the point of being here, but giving in would mean that MRKH had won and I knew from the beginning that I was stronger than my diagnosis.

Pretty quickly after being diagnosed, I was referred to Queen Charlotte’s, met the hospital team and started therapy. It wasn’t until a year later that I reached out and found the community of MRKHers. I posted parts of my MRKH story on instagram and was found by producers who wanted to record a day in my life. I turned them down, but a week later Vics messaged me asking me to join Stars back in May 2021. Since then I have found so many amazing friends in the amazing MRKH community and Vics has become my partner in crime. In July I became the “Second Star” of Stars. Then in October I became joint Co-Director of Stars with Vics. I joined Stars because I knew what it was like for me to have no one to connect with, to be walking a similar journey to me not so long ago. I wanted to be there for newly diagnosed MRKHers. Also I had never heard of MRKH pre-diagnosis, so I wanted to help spread as much awareness of MRKH as I could, so others can be educated that there is a diagnosis like this out here.

I currently run the Shooting Stars scheme, introducing MRKHers to mentors so they don’t have to feel alone. I love being able to connect others together and help other Warriors as they start their journey. I have such an amazing support group from not only the girls on Stars but from others within the MRKH community. Most of all Vics - sheis always there for me just a phone call away who I can and have gone to about anything big or small.

At the moment I’m back on the waiting list to start dilation, after been given dates to start three times and Covid complicating things further. I’m not seeing my therapist at the moment and am having a break while I’m in a good place with MRKH. I’m enjoying sharing my experience and reminding others that they don’t need to go through this alone and there can be positives to this diagnosis.

My future plans are to begin dilation and to be able to grow stars even more with Vics. And maybe even to find some more exciting project to spread awareness and help others through their journey. For me personally, I want to live a happy life and find ways to overcome the troubles and challenges that MRKH can bring. I don’t want MRKH to affect all of the future plans I had pre-diagnosis, even though I understand some of those plans may need adapting.

“Smooth seas do not make Skilful sailors.”

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