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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I got diagnosed with MRKH in January 2015 at the age of 18 (nearly 19). My initial thought about this was that I was scared because I knew nothing about the condition, shocked because the dream I had of having children was gone or at least different to how I imagine, and finally so upset that my whole world had changed from how I imagined it. After diagnosis I had psychological help, but at that point I didn’t need it as it felt like i was dealing with it. In the last 6 years I’ve had multiple experiences with bad mental health – in March 2020 I was diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety which I’m still dealing with on a day- day basis now. My mental health occasionally gets worse when it’s my MRKH anniversary as it’s a reminder of what I lost years ago. Last year I revisited the psychology department at my hospital and it really helped.

In five years since diagnosis I couldn’t find anyone or any support networks for MRKH but in March/April 2020 I found Lauren Cliffe on my Instagram search page she spoke to me about the MRKH Connect where I virtually met the team and met some of my biggest supporters including our lovely Vics.

In April 2021, Vics mentioned that she was thinking of creating a group for new and young MRKHers and I jumped at the chance to be a part of a support network. I wanted to make sure others didn’t go through the same experience as me when I was first diagnosed. In Stars I’m one of the writers and I love it, writing stuff that others can read. It feels like I’m giving a virtual hug to each person who reads it, I also love the other Stars and how supportive we are of each other. I love being a part of something that is so helpful and is able to find the positive in the negative.

Currently I have good days and bad days, so I normally find comfort in the online support groups and the small groups I’m now a part of including my Stars girls. At the minute I’ve chosen not to dilate as don’t feel like I need or want to at the moment, but I might change my mind in later years. I have also chosen to (when the time is right) adopt so am looking into that. My future plans are to adopt (as I said) but also to find a person who will do this journey with me. MRKH – wise I hope to continue advocacy for MRKH and after that I have no plans and am just taking one day at a time xx

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